Free-Range Products

Pasture Fed Cow

Free-Range Steer

Free-Range Beef

Our cattle are free to roam grass paddocks and cropped paddocks.  They graze on forage sorghum, oats and grass depending on the season. They are also fed hay and grain in the paddock. After processing the product is then delivered to our butcher shop by an accredited meat delivery company. We have:

  • Free-Range Beef
  • British Bred Cattle
  • Hereford Cattle
  • Angus Cattle

Free-Range Pork

All of our pigs are purchased through a wholesaler who must meet our specifications, eg weight, sex, fat range and quality. We stock:

  • Gooralie Free-Range pork
  • Anti-biotic free pork
  • Hormone growth-promotant free pork
  • Chemical residue free pork

Locally Sourced Free-Range Lamb

Our lambs are sourced from local markets, using a professional buyer who selects lambs which meet our specifications. They are then transported and processed by accredited meat works and delivered to the butcher shop by an accredited meat delivery company.

Goat Meat


Free-Range & Organic Chicken

  • Inglewood Organic Chicken
  • Lilydale Free-Range Chicken

Organic Turkey

  • Greenag Organic Turkeys

Free-Range Ducks

Spatchcocks & Quail

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