Organic Products in Toowoomba

Eco-Friendly, Free Range, Organic, Green, Organic Free Range?!! Confused?

With so many products to choose from at your local butcher and so many ways of describing ‘green products’, it can be difficult to select the right product for you. To complicate things even more, there is no single standard for organic meat and dairy products or free range products in Australia.

So how do you know what is really organic or free range?

Well YOU don’t, here at your local family butcher in Toowoomba, Rob and Jacqui take the time and effort to ensure that their organic products are in fact ORGANIC and their free range products are FREE RANGE!

What is Organic?

For a product to be labeled ‘Organic’ it has to have been grown and produced without using synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. A strict focus on environmental sustainability, animal welfare and the protection of native animal habits has to also be addressed during production. For example:

If meat is labeled as Organic Meat, then it has to have come from a free-range animal, which is an animal that has pesticide free food and has access to pastures for their whole lives.

If eggs are labelled as free-range eggs, then the hens must be housed in a shed with the ability to roam in an outdoor area.

So organic and free-range overlap in a way!

What Organic Meat & Dairy Products do we sell?



What Free-Range Meat & Dairy Products do we sell?

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