About Payne’s Meat Store

Policy’s to ensure only the best for our clients

Our customer service policy ensures our customers consistently receive only the highest quality product available.

Our workplace health and safety policy ensures our staff are trained and monitored with all procedures relating to maintaining a safe environment in which to work.

Payne’s Meat Store has a policy to ensure all equipment is maintained and upgraded on a regular basis, ensuring that we have a modern well equipped butcher shop, which can handle all our business needs.

Our food safety program and monitoring procedures ensures our product is always of the highest standard.

Our staff is trained in all food safety requirements with high emphasis on a consistent standard of workmanship to ensure the customer receives the same high quality of product and service each time they frequent our business.

The monitoring process used by Payne’s Meat Store consists of a number of procedures, including temperature control management.  This consists of monitoring cold room temperatures, display unit temperatures, processed meat temperatures, cooked meat temperatures, with the use of a computerized data logger.  All information is stored for reference.  All receivables are checked on arrival and temperatures and conditions recorded on the “Butchers Challenge” Safe Food website.

Cooked meats, ham, silverside, roast beef, smoked chickens, bacon, cheerios, Frankfurt’s, and biltong, are all processed, and then cooked in our smokehouse on premises.  Temperatures and times are recorded on an open sheet.  Cooked meats are stored in a designated area of the cold room.

Carton meat, other food products and dry goods are purchased through registered wholesalers who must meet our specifications for quality.

Random monitoring of one of our procedures is done on a daily basis to ensure all requirements are being met. These procedures are documented on an open sheet, and any corrective actions are recorded and addressed.  Maintenance checks are also done in the random monitoring procedure.

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